How many ShooAways do I need?

On the average 6-8 seat dining table, two ShooAways are recommended. Purchase an extra one to give away to friends and family.

How long do 2 x AA Batteries Last?

Using quality batteries, ShooAway will run for approximately 30 hours. Naturally, once the food is cleared from the table, turn off your ShooAways to get the maximum life out of your batteries.

How long will the ShooAway Motor Last?

We use quality motors to ensure a long life. Our testing has shown a life expectancy well in excess of 1000 hours. We haven’t killed a motor yet!

What is the Normal Postage Time?

Allow 7-10 days for delivery from the time of placing your order.

Can you ship to a different address?

Yes, simply enter that delivery address into the order form.

Do you charge more for AMEX?

A three percent (3%) surcharge applies for American Express due to higher processing charges levied by PayWay.

What will you receive from Payment Gateway?

Payment confirmation.

What will I receive from ShooAway?

Confirmation email listing Payment Reference number and FAQ sheet

What if I am missing something in delivery?

Email to [email protected]

Is tracking available in Australia for Post?

Yes an email will be sent to you prior to shipment

What if I don’t use a Credit Card or PayPal, how can I pay?

Please send a cheque or money order to: 14 Burke St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102